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Mt. Pleasant Historic Home Survey – Old Village

A Survey Of Historic Homes & Building In The Old Village Of Mt.

Pleasant, SC

Old Village Of Mt. Pleasant Historic Home Survey By Street


 Hibben Street  Church Street Pitt Street Whilden Street  Bennett Street  Venning Street  Live Oak Street King Street


 Center Street  Mary Street  Bank Street Ferry Street Morrison Street  Middle Street  Queen Street Magwood Street

Historic Homes For Sale In The Old Village Of Mt. Pleasant SC
A map of the Old Village of Mt. Pleasant, SC with the history and photos of Old Village homes with historic designations.


2010 Town of Mt. Pleasant Historic District Survey Report

Old Village Contributing & Non-Contributing Historic Homes

2010 Report

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The Oldest Home In The Town Of Mount Pleasant, SC


111 Hibben Street (The Hibben House)


The Hibben House is believed to be the oldest home in the town of Mt. Pleasant. The home was built in 1755 by Jacob Motte. In 1803 Mt. Pleasant Plantation on which the Hibben House sits was purchased by James Hibben (1766-1835) from Jacob Motte’s estate. In 1755, James Hibben subdivided the plantation into 35 lots and gave 10 of the lots to his 10 children who lived to maturity. The three on the high bluff (numbered 1,2 & 3) were given to his daughter Claudia who married Josiah Smith. The other lots were give to Eliza who married Aaron W. Leland, Sarah Margaret who married Daniel DuPre, Hannah who married Thomas Napier of Scotland, Martha who married John Singletary and Harriet who married Dune Goodman of Charleston. There were five streets on the subdivided tract, Beach, Bennett,Whilden, Boundary and Venning.



Old Village

Hibben Street With The Hibben House On The Right

Some Of The Owners of The Hibben House In The Old Village Of Mt. Pleasant, SC

     1755- Jacob Mott


    1803– James Hibben

1912- Mr. William Whilden McIver and his wife Petrona Royall.


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